Thursday, September 29, 2016

Effects of long vacation!

Assalamualaikum dan hai!

\ ^.* /

Mood nak menulis tu memang ke laut habis, but life must go on right? haha..

Well, post vacation was awesome with beautiful memories, I miss my all nephews and nieces. Oh my, they grew up so fast, baby niece was not so baby anymore. So talkative, and many wonderful things she able to learn now.

Our experience with this year eid Adha already upgraded to the new level, we did amazing jobs at the unexpected for this time we took part for Qurban. Came to that, there a long story on how we did the cutting and cleaning all part of one whole cow. Yeah,.. the whole part of one whole cow but already divided by four junk pieces as easy to carry on 4wd and stationed at our home.

My husband, my BIL and my FIL together with two persons from one each of seven parts doing their cutting to remove fats and flesh from the bones. So we ladies, my MIL, SIL and I were doing the cleaning part on internal organ of its stomach part. Phewss, three of us doing that, please don't imagine that cause this is the job that most unlikely people will do the parts, but will rush into it when cut into pieces in the clean forms.

This is my first time doing this cleaning forms, actually I don't know why I can bare the smell! hahaha.. it lays out like carpet you know, some furs some soft textures. hihi. all the job done around 6 pm and the part we segregated to the poor family/people.

That night we went to early sleep. hihi. so the next day, I woke up in slightly feverish. The kids? still happy go lucky like nothing happen. we went to relatives to continue our raya tour that suspended for yesterday's event. hihi.

And the menu for days until we got back to KL was beef soup, fried beef with carrots and the special part was their 'two eggs' haha.. I thought was slices of bananas! haha.. stir fry with some onion, chillies, ginger and turmeric. The taste just nice, just you ate a fishcakes! haha..

Then, the next day, husband's granny had admitted to a hospital as she had high fever and can't eat her meals. We had visited one time than rushed to our home in SJ. My PIL just had a plan for rental. So, we just do cleaning and clearing up 'some' stuff at the house. Haha.. the word some are not so comply at all, we took half days to clear up at the up-stair's room from clothes to book and many things as we just leave the stuff just like that after we went to Borneo. But of course lah in order and tidy not just ups and down okay! Then my PIL had moved into their new crib, took about 5-10 mins distances if there is no traffic.

The place was empty but full of stuff too, how was that huh? hehe.. but then it's completely empty as our PIL already move it to their cribs. Yeah, updated on our family group chat! Soon, insyaAllah some items will be listed in carousel or else will be donating most of it was clothes.

 SO if you're want to rent a house in Butterworth or Seberang Jaya  area can buzz me at jazzeyra.aj[at] It's a low cost two-storeys old property most probably already in 15 years or less or more. Already doing some extending job to give more space on living rooms and indoor kitchen as out kitchen is in outside for the past years before renovated it. It has three bedrooms and 2 toilets. All room fitted with A/C units and fans including living room has A/C unit.

Plus it has a great amenities nearby, we close with hospital, schools, market, musollah (surau), recreational park, shopping complex all in walking distances only. Only Tesco, Aeon Big and Giant stores need a car to go but you can opt a bus too. It's in a great location tho.

It's quite emotional when we do cleaning and clearing stuff. It's the first house I went to live after got married. Living with PIL or alone with husband. I miss it. Went through some photos, hmm.. it has special sentimental values, but be happy for now, insya Allah there will be the at the perfect timing we will live in our home again.

I will appreciate for our future tenant will take of the house like their own home.

ok for now, will update soon.

p.s weight scales are broken now! *die*

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

stories untold

Assalamualaikum dan hai,


Bila buka FB saja, ada saja berita terkini, samada ia baik atau buruk memang FB dahulu yang paling awal orang share atau update.

Lepas laju jari jemari gempal ni scrolling up and down FB, saya masih keliru dengan berita yg dorg nak sampaikan, kebanyakannya memang pendapat peribadi. Kisah hamba Allah yang mengalami kesukaran untuk berubah, kes buli murid sekolah di kelas yang lengkap berbaju melayu dan alkisah jiran yang naik hantu tak surut kontroversi si artis bikin sensasi juga.

Semua cerita tu sangat negatif pada saya, jelas sangat dimana moral kita, sifat kemanusiaan kita, adab kita berada di tahap mana. Generasi yang membentuk ke arah golongan yang biadap dan tidak bertanggungjawab.

The more high-tech we are the more broken our society in socialize.


bersambung hari ini,..  sempat pulak kan? :D

I went to market to grab some bunga kantan for today's side dish, plan to make kerabu jantung pisang (okay yang ini tiada kena mengena)

Jam pukul 8 pagi.

Ada seorang budak lelaki, berumur linkungan 8-10 tahun. Pakainnya agak lusuh, hanya berkemeja T dan berseluar pendek, bukan dalam pakaian seragam sekolah.~

Saya hanya memerhati saja gelagat budak lelaki dari dalam kereta, setelah menutup pintu baru saja perasan budak lelaki tersebut. Sedang menggendong tong cat 'Matex' saiz 30 liter sebagai tong sampah. Mungkin mengambil upah dari penjaja membuang sampah atau bahan makanan yang rosak tidak terjual.

Bermonolog sendirian~

Apa yang patut aku buat? untuk masyarakat di sini? I feel bad as I am helpless to give or offer any kind of help to them when needed or for the needy persons.


Dari 1 ke puluhan malahan ratusan sebab mengapa kita pada hari ini.

Dari memikirkan sebab yang tidak pernah putus dan kadang kala tak tercapai dek akal mengapa begini juga hasil anak-anak masyarakat kita pada hari ini.

Ibu bapa memainkan peranan utama. Besar juga tanggungjawab yang perlu digalas dalam mencorakkan anak-anak masa hadapan. Dibesarkan dengan kasih sayang dan ilmu yang tidak pernah cukup supaya jelas jalannya kelak.

saya bukan siapa-siapa, belum lagi dikurniakan zuriat. Mungkin boleh berkata-kata sebab belum lagi kena batang hidung sendiri.

Ya, Allah nampakkan saya masalah duniawi masa ini. Soalan yang selalu bermain di fikiran saya, dengan dugaan yang perlu saya lalui. Bagaimana perlu saya uruskan diri sendiri tatkala soalan yang bertalu tanya, situasi menjengkelkan, juga persediaan saya jika mempunyai zuriat kelak?

Saya jenis masih di takuk lama, masih belum rajin, belum cukup ilmu lagi, belum cukup sabar untuk melayan kerenah anak-anak saya sendiri kelak, juga masih belum tiba masanya lagi.

Jadi, bersahaja saja dalam berhadapan situasi-situasi mendatang. Tuhan saja tempat kita mendengar luahan hati. Yang paling penting kita doakan saja orang lain dengan doa yang baik-baik. Untung-untung ada juga ahli keluarga, sahabat, dan orang lain akan mendoakan untuk kita.

Jikalau ada masa yang hari sedih itu tiba, sendiri sajalah yang pujuk. Sentap dan sedih sendirian tu tak pergi kemana. Bangunlah diri sendiri terkedek memujuk hati. Disitulah kita memohon padaNya, membaca ayat-ayat yang mengubati hati yang sedih, memahami ayat-ayat yang membawa erti bahagia kita di dunia ini dan di akhirat kelak.


Selamat hari raya haji.

Korban kita pada tahun ini untuk Allah Taala, semoga usaha kita sepanjang tahun ini diterima Allah.

Insya Allah

Monday, August 29, 2016

I don't forget about you..

Assalamualaikum dan Hi!

It's been months I guess, yes it is. Well, I'm pretty not sure is there anyone out there who will read my journal or babbles here.

After my long silence after silence, we are really busy with the household. Really not in the mood to update the stories here, just lazy as that! Alhamdulillah, everything went well some issues been dissolves but a few more still pending such as unworking A/C ( I didn't know how many times they repaired them, still not functioning!), the phone lines or the internet that we are facing it badly, we'd just borrow from the next door.  TM said there is no port, we have some suggestions but might go for the broadband option this time.

This year seems been tough for everyone, low currency exchange, I will travel soon, but that's not good change either. Some of my family members had quit their job and still looking the other opportunity. Life is tough tho.

Past few weeks, I am really not it the mood either, still not moving around much, not too fond to cook, we'd just grab the easiest meal on the go, or something easy to make from the fridge. I ate salad for days, hope for a change. haha. Once or twice a week I'll cook some traditional or simple Malay dishes. Do not forget about my loving husband, he will get grumpy if no rice day! Just recently, he is in the stress mode, complaint much about how his colleagues keep asking the changes about his looks, haha.. Nice belly, bro! So when just we ate more greens, he ate more bread and biscuits. Stress is really bad too, the scale will going up for sure, and he really is! Additional 3 kg for now, and he is unhappy about it for sure.

The solutions for now, we control again our portion, more greens and fruits to take.


      A s f o r t h i s t h r e e p a r a g r a p g h , I h a v e n o i d e a a n d t u r n o f f m o d e


Thank you for reading, I'll more update from now on.

p.s just set up my PC for easier to blog and keep them alive!

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