Monday, July 2, 2018


Salam and hi,

Today is already into 19 of Syawal, what makes Syawal is memorable in every years was the joyous celebration, kindness and our inner strength of humbleness. All by means carry from our deed in Ramadhan. Hope I can continue to lower my bad and gain my goodness side :D

I think most of Malaysian now keep following updates of our new government up to, people start to watch news, read on newspaper that have been neglecting for so long, also the latest updates on social media.

I hope, we as a Malaysian that present today has patience, for what their up to, even it shook you up, please have a step back, think wisely before what you're going to share. I know sometimes, it burns you up, that you want  to share your opinion right away, but, it might be a false news, or not really clearly what is about.

Some of the media is really good by manipulating the title, we as NEW MALAYSIAN please, be patience again, and please do read what is all about, and please be think again, reflects what it will be. The loudness will harm you the next day, if not it will be for years.

**I still can't read again my previous article where I found it sometimes cheeky or sometimes too dumb for my brain to keep on going, most of the time I'll deleted the post!**

We are at the point can share freely out thoughts, but, please do so share at the point you've been think enough to write the comments, as simple as that, at least, you're trying your best not to proof yourself as a brainless.

Most likely I'll delete this post later, haha.

Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Today, .. it's about time

Salam dan hai,

There is a time i would drop a thought want to give up blogging. But, this is part of me, who loves to write my thoughts here. freely without any forces.

A few days more, it's my one-year stay in our new rental home. Also, we already hosted few makan-makan sessions. The latest was on 3rd syawal, we hosted for raya open house, just a simple menu, soto with bergedil.

And now, after two paragraphs, I was about to drop it. Contemplating to write more. You know, I have a thought if what you write today will make you some kind proud or disgrace yourself, that I couldn't read more. You're not talented in this kind of things, no talent in writing! *freaks*

Today? why must today I also got no idea why,.. Maybe there are lots of things happen in my life that I couldn't share. Still our nation still got shocked with new rule thingy. Just be patient guys, if you want to eat, you have to wait until the foods you ordered are ready to be served. So be patiently rational.

Owh, just remember the purpose of the writing today, I think I can start do coaching for making or build a resume. *procrastinate* It is because I'm helping my husband to update his, but actually I build a new one for him. I've been asking his resume, for applying any job opening. I only hear a cricket sounds later until recently.

I think it's about time, to change, as we are here almost 5 years and the reason to stay here make it more ridiculous expansive! (Yes! I talk about transportation to commute to our hometown, because, nowadays, the prices are freaking damn high!)

My husband has parents who pass their 60s, and my MIL had arthritis that couldn't do more heavy jobs and my mom who stay alone by herself right now.

It is not because we don't want to be here because of my husband's job, but the more years we stayed, the more tougher, the more events we missed, and we just don't want to miss to serve to our parents. Just it. As we took our time far away from them too long.

The losing time when we abroad working on board vessels, it took overall of 10 years, plus 5 years here. By using a call, not really the same thing as you can see them in front of our eyes. We just don't know how many time left for us and just for them. We just don't know.

Might be, I'm a little bit upset because of the society here, might be. I want to see my husband happy, to do a job he wanted to, his own will. but might be also not guarantee a happy life. I am grateful for everything that I received today, blessed and easy life, syukur ya Allah.

I also think that I obliged to make husband happy wherever and whenever he is. To reduce the stress he had. I just know, and I think this is the only thing I can help, produce a good resume for him. to search high and low the opportunities, as long as we can stay closed to them, easy to reach them if ever happen an emergency ( I pray there are none now and in the future).

As a human, I just can plan, but Allah has the great plan for us. I pray hard for all the good things we want to be happens, and it is about time. patiently.

Monday, January 15, 2018

Hello 2018!

A very bright morning, of the new year.

It's been a year since my last post, I keep thinking to start a new one, or just stop blogging. But I am always contemplating to do it on this. Part of me, I love doing this instead of another realistic hobby, blogging is just there. To be keep documented, as my own moment, or historical achievement ( :D)


There are lots of events happening in my life, its require my hard work, my time consuming for the whole day, and the most important thing is, not setting up a PC. yes, I did all blogging from PC, and it's uncomfortable to do it on a laptop.

Around mid-year, we have been decided to move another rental on our own, a normal family would do. As previously were sharing basis even a single person a family in a house. Sometimes quite okay, but there are few moments that awkward.

Let's move on, it's already in the new year man! As we found a home to live in for awhile when we're abroad (yes, this place we consider abroad as when we plan to go our hometown we need an airplane as the only transportation available here).

It's an old quarter for SESB staff that few of them are available for rental. Last two year, this place was nearly possible to get in as very strategic, nearby with the workplace, there are few schools nearby and I think there was a nice neighborhood.

At first, I do expect too much on this house, but let's say the time will heal you, *laugh*. There are lots of holes in the wall because of the drilling, a few cracks, a few holes from the ants. Lousy management from the previous renter, the backyard is really a mess, but surely we will do something. Our focus more the interior, as there is unfurnished house term. We had few big projects, I think, will share on these DIYs kitchen cabinet, storage cabinet and dining japanese table and all cost. I hope this will not going viral though! ;D

All the project took us for about two months plus to be completed, for drafting and planning we got it earlier before move in. Right after move in, to confirm final draft design, and measurement. Small job still going on, it will took us for awhile now, slowly and surely done.

Instead of the bigger project like interior, and the backyard, our frontyard too had a makeover. :D we just re-planting few of our plants to the ground i.e curry leaves, lemon, and small lime ( limau kasturi).

Anyhow, we are happy with our decision.


Actually I don't remember what's mine on last year resolutions, but for now just enough to stay and live a healthy life, more exercising, and more eat clean.

and still on my wishlist is to join a marathon event!

finger crossed! already start a training, still learning to run in a jog pace, yes I am so bad like that. Like a rhino learn to run, with heavy loads you just stopped at one point, and out of breaths! Die! But, thanks to my life partner, always support me. and to myself please don't give up!

*my fat cries*

I treasure on thing too, a good skincare routine will lead to healthy skin! Yes, currently I'm addicted to take care of my skin. On a mission to wear a mask sheet at least 3-4 times a week. Still planning to include some stuff.

One thing I believe I'm doing this is because will be on the range age of 30. So I need to take care of myself, my health and husband :D. Still, my ultimate goal to Khatam Quran few times in a  year, perform umrah, and more class for the soul and knowledge.

I hope we're doing well this year, insyaAllah.


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