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Classic Tiramisu

Assalamualaikum dan hai all,

Alhamdulillah praises to Allah that today with this given opportunity to blog about this classic tiramisu recipe. My husband loves it so much as it contains strong coffee flavor!

Once awhile, I will try using ingredients like whipping cream and cream cheese. Most of the time, just only butter will do. Hence, in a certain area like mine, the cost of the ingredients are so much to bare. Very costly.  Just like cheese and whipping cream, total both of it for 500g and 1 litre are about RM35 with sale item on cheese. If not it is nearly RM40, just two thing only! *die*

The baking project is still going on as long as the remaining ingredients from Kek Lapis Legit thingy {recipe here}, like egg whites. Already made a pavlova on my birthday but will not showing here as it looks so bad. but the taste is just fine with other pavlovas.

I knew it will happen when the remaining stuff it still there. I have to start quickly if before the big boss finds out is there any loitering. Please do okay, such a waste of money. Just make an effort to make everyone is happy!

So, last week I made a classic tiramisu cake. After did some study thru google and tips among baker's blog. Just found a recipe from Shiran the owner of Pretty.Simple.Sweet Its a very simple recipe to follow.

She is very good in explaining for making the classic tiramisu, which is so easy peasy to follow it. Then the successful of tiramisu will be your side! You will love it!

Overview from making this recipe:

1. I am using a coffee from Nescafe Gold, but best you use the brewed coffee or espresso as just a           dark thick coffee is great. No, I just make a coffee in a glass with sugar only.
2. Make a sabayon or the egg custards with a teaspoon of vanilla extract. Just to switch the alcohol in     this making process.
3. My mistake was dipping the ladyfinger's biscuit or savoiardi too long on each side. I think it best to    dip on one side only then just layer it down.
4. On my third tray to layer down this tiramisu, when the coffee not so full of a cup and the custard         cream cheese also not so much. The end product that we just ate yesterday was so good. Maybe           you should pour the cream cheese custard just nice but not too generous when layering. It's a tip of     a perfect taste of mine.

Classic Tiramisu 
Recipes by Shiran ( Pretty.Simple.Sweet)


Coffee syrups

  • 1 cup strong coffee/espresso ( made 1 tbs Nescafe Gold and 1 tbs sugar of 1 cup hot water)

  • 3        egg yolks
  • ­­1/3     cup granulated sugar
  • ¾       cup heavy cream ( used whipping cream)
  • 1 tsp   vanilla extract
  • 250g   cream cheese
  • 200g   ladyfingers biscuits (about 20-24 sticks)
  • Sifted unsweetened cocoa powder for layering dusting

1.  Make 1 cup coffee and set aside to cool.
2. For the fillings:
  • In a bowl, place egg yolks and sugar. Place the bowl over onto a boiling water in a saucepan just like bain marie/ double boil, the bottow mut not touch the boiling water surface. Turn heat into medium. Keep whisk the mixture until it double in volume and like a foamy. It took about 6-8 minutes, it's done when you touch it slightly hot and has a thick foamy consistency. Set away to cool.
  • In other bowl, beat whipping cream until stiff peak. 
  • Beat in cream cheese in a bowl of egg yolks mixture. Whisk until  smooth.
  • Then fold in whipped cream into cheese mixture in a three additions. Fold to mix well and smooth.
3. Assemble tiramisu:
  • Prepare a square pan or serving pan or anything you like.
  • Dip ladyfinger's biscuit in a coffee quickly ( just less in a second). Then align it together.
  • Layer it with cream cheese filling to cover all area of savoiardi. Then sift cocoa powder on top of the cream cheese filling area.
  • Keep continue for another layer, finishing with sifted cocoa powder on top or you might want jazz up with grated chocolate.
4.  Keep refrigated about 2-8 hours before it ready to serves. Best serves in cool!

OK it's done, enjoy!


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