Thursday, July 14, 2016

Its already there..

Assalamualaikum dan Hi alls,

Did anyone miss me? I am so sorry for abandon this space such a long time. Very long hiatus this time.

Well, from my last post, not yet fasting month in Ramadhan. Had short complex vacation in Hub's kampung without him. Plus, having fever the whole weeks in kampung was not cool at all. I really don't know how much I miss all blogpost by others too. Yeah.. Busy bee..

Then, a week before Ramadhan, I was busy with preparing kitchen plus, at last we moving out to another unit. Transferring all stuff from closet in our room plus some kind "store" things are crazy! I didnt realize that we had grown so much stuff in a small room yaa! *headache*

A week on my absence, husband had move it all alone only for our room. Everything was crazy, great enough to make him migraine all the way! sorry baby! :D

I need almost a month to settle up things in our room first, later the storage part in kitchen and store. To make easier for storage I built boltless rack systems to set in our store as, so many stuff with limited space. Hence, it's easier for me to update or to check or most important, I dont get lost in our stacking stuffs! haha..

Slowly progress in our store as I had to relocate by my own as I don't want to stress out my hubs, *yeay, even he said just wait for him, we can do this together" haha.. please no, with all kind of that stuffs in our store for sure not really updated, also contains expired food, which is a lot of them! T__T
I'd rather do it alone on my own, just borrow shopping cart from the next store in our area.. hehe.. I don't know how much trip I did!

After that, I plan to start early to sew our Raya's outfit. Early done to make your life easier, as we planned to host an open house to celebrate this eve in here again for this year! T_T that's not cool okay, straight three years!

And today, the second week of Syawal, I do think a simple blogpost will be fine, just to make sure I am still alive! hihi.. kidding!

Last but not least, Selamat hari raya & maaf zahir batin dari saya, dan suami jika ada salah yang nyata atau tidak zahir.

p.s getting lazy to organize our stuffs in storage room! T_____T


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