Friday, May 15, 2015

Manees Oven


dan hai,

Hilang lagi, macam biasalah idea nak menulis tu tak kunjung tiba, bila nak celoteh tu masa yang free sangatlah kan,

Ucapan untuk esok Malam Israk Mikraj, insyaAllah sampai juga kita ke 27 Rejab dan didoakan anda berjaya puasa sunat esok, insyaAllah, dan hari ni Jumaat, jangan lupa perabis surah Al-Kafh okay? hihi..

Okaylah nak cerita for last few weeks saya buat kerja-kerja out of box yang jadi bidang terjun, just helping close, good, best friend of mine, haha.. It's just quite stressful and NOOB when I'm into designing thingy, but she's just say okay at all so I'd just try my best..

There are history behind it about Manees Oven, on how it was born and how it's spread so quickly. Doing real business is one of my ambition, one of my interest in cooking and baking, it's on my old good days, childhood's dream yaww~

Seeing Manees Oven that fully homemade by friend a.k.a my two distance cousins, (dua pupu) I just want to give full support to her. Yeah, the excitement of doing business. Happy I must say!

Everything via what's Apps, email and a program that give me headache for a day! haha.. Few steps that came with complications, yeah, I couldn't download photoshop trials at their website! and google for alternatives are so dead! Plus the social media vectors that had to download separately. So it's a newbies doing outside her scope so the results are,..

My too simple design, too simple and it's too simple.. haha, oh I forgot to mention, she wanted a sticker for her pineapple tart and some traditional pastry onto a case or bottle. And so on, a design to print onto adhesive stcker is a must! so coming with this,..

So, the designs evolve to this,..

 Later, it's quite simple and plain too, so she wanted a very bold and attractive. I'd just want to make it simple and clear what you're planning to place is an info..

But I do thinks it's a common designs, yeah, do you think the same?



I can called it's done when her sister already printed it out into this,.. hihi

Thanks Sam! I wish you very best of luck into your business, and don't forget my Tart.. haha

So, if you wish to order for any specific occasions especially on this coming Hari Raya, you can order on details stated in the pics.

Price and T&C on Manees Oven Cookies Facebook and Manees Oven Instagram to follow latest products.

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  1. terharu! maneesoven oven design diabadikan dalam blog ni!!!! upah belum bayar. jumpa ogos!


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