Monday, May 25, 2015

Lemon Butter Cake with Poppy Seeds


dan hai!

I couldn't believe it for myself as I can do this cake for ad-hoc without referring any recipes! yeay, kudos to me! haha..

Feeling so much like Anna Olson, yeah just for last night only, with the only basic think you should have for a butter cake, cake flour, sugar, butter and eggs. As simple as that you will have a moist butter cake.

But, I'd just remember when I passing one bakery sections in the supermarket that they have instant premix lemon with poppy seeds butter cake. Maybe I could add in some poppy seeds for 'pop' tasted when you are eating.

That's all the ideas came into my head last night and was determined enough to bake it one. haha. Afterall when it's up to me, I do mild taste of lemon, not so tangy at all!

Lemon Butter Cake with Poppy Seeds Recipes


2  Cup  Cake Flour
1  Cup  Butter ( I used Anchor)
1  Cup  Sugar
3   large eggs
1  tsp    vanilla essence
approx 4 tbs lemon juice / half of lemon
1 whole lemon zest
A pinch of salt
2 tbs of poppy seeds


1) Pre-heat oven at 160°C degrees.
2) Cream butter and sugar until it became fluffy.
3) Gradually add in eggs, vanilla essence, salt, lemon zest and lemon juice. Whisk using mixer for a 20 sec not less or more.
4) Fold in sifted cake flour into batter until it blend well, and lastly add in poppy seeds.
5) Lines bake tin with baking paper, I used two sets of loaf tin. And oven to go for about 25-30mins. Depends on your oven performance, some might take it early than 25 mins.

okay, that's all for masterchef class today! hhihi..

Good Luck!

P.s my first taste about this cake was amazing as the textures are extremely soft and so moist. Plus I don't need any buttermilk, sour cream or yogurt for this recipe cause it turns so well and taste so good! Owh I don't compliment myself, but my taste sense already evolve who actually praising a recipe that had lemon inside. I'd just don't believe myself for liking tangy taste!


  1. Lama tak buat cake ni.
    Dulu suka cake ni siap belasah pakai self-collect home-grown opium poppy seeds dari kebun sendiri...hahaha...mungkin perasaan saja ada high sket.

    1. Hahaha.. High High tu la sedap, kari mamak pun ada juga.. hihi


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