Tuesday, March 3, 2015

ULTIMATE ways to be TOP blogger!

Salam dan hai,

Happy Chinese New year!!

It's not late for wishing my Chinese's friends.

Well, my holidays just spent at home and doing the same routine. As my husband didn't get any straight days leave on last week. Half day working in the office! :D

My tryout recipe turns just so-so as I bake and cook some separate dishes straight away from other bloggers. Repeating a recipe will do soon, insyaAllah. Haha, mistakes do happens when you're not ready and not planning it well. Learn from mistake is the best isn't it?

Fine interest in blogging


sorry for missing in action for awhile, hihi..

Set A Goal

It's tend to your ultimate goal in blogging, or the reason why you had started in writing online obviously. In this kind of medium, there are lots of pros and cons. But when it is up to their personal writer or blogger, we have the right to choose what kind of medium or genre you want to read or tend to blog about it.

A soft reminder for my self, what you wrote or what you express on social network, especially in blogging, it's easily to spread by readers when they just had click ONE button, 'SHARE'. Therefore, these will be serious action, serious responsibility when you publish some 'INFO' that will driving you into false or true statement. Beware guys!

Back to the square, it is you what you wrote, and it is you to what you have decided on story line or statement you shared.  Then, it's your goal afterall!

Spices of Genre

Comedy, daily journals, cookbook or etc. Do at your best genre to kill it and nailed it. As for mine, you can see, this, my afterall that sometimes include it all. No specific genre that I carry it along for a blog. Most of the times I would love to share recipes and my experiment or anything that could benefit others.

Hence, I don't have any talent in writing but, you can, you can create your style of writing by adding spices, yeah, right away! But don't add too much that you accidentally revamp the whole structure sentences and will misunderstood by readers. Just try the easy peasy one, such as some sense of humor.

Earning Cash

This is some of famous blogger do as their full-time blogger, earning from the advertorial post they wrote about. For beginner like me? You just have a long way to go baby, unless there are quick steps that you can gain thousands of follower visit your blog on every seconds!

1) Repetitively do a blogwalking - You just need hop to hop another each blog by help them click their advertorial campaign banner, and do please drop a comment!

2) Start syncing your blog with other social media - Google plus is a good help for you to grow, don't forget to share on each post you had published in pinterest and twitter, Facebook too (if you don't mind to share with your family members).

Exaggerate Headline 

Yes, you're right. Especially for a NOOB. In search engine, there are lots of blogpost, article and so much news that literally the same, but one that be caught your attention is the headline of the post.

because I am, when I do searching or when using Google, I tend to use strong keywords, e.g ultimate, the best ever, guaranteed . It is kind of promising and convincing people who are looking the right one. Nevertheless, it's an indirect way of promoting your blog and to keep traffic high.

That's my simple tips on blogging, and I am pretty sure you had done almost of it, hihi. Suppose I should post it last week, but I've been so busy with some jobs. I hope this will help you to keep blogging and keep traffic too.

Good Luck!

P/S It's so late that, Chinese already waiting their Chap Go Meh (15 days after Lunar New Year day)

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