Sunday, March 8, 2015

Beehoon Soup with Homemade Fish Balls


dan hai,

Occasionally when we had heavy rice-day, I decided to take it less into rice noodles. It's still the same, but, I believe I took it lesser than rice grains. I'm a little bit of health conscious okay. haha.

It's a simple dish, that you only need a soup, and some blanched rice noodles, some vegetables and not to forget Chili sambal  or spicy dip soy sauce.

So, last few days, Hazila from My Small Kitchen had posted Koay teow soup with homemade fish balls, and that's giving me an idea for a quick dinner dish. I always do some easy and fastest dish for dins. You can check Hazila's versions in HERE.

Let's see my simple Beehoon Soup with homemade fish balls recipe, below. My not very own recipe of fish balls you can click HERE. This time, the only difference is I add some veggies into it. Just small cut of carrot and celery. Taste? still good but with veggies, it's more healthy versions of fish balls.

 Beehoon Soup with homemade Fish Balls

source : Hazila ( My Small Kitchen )

Fish Soup
Fish Balls
1 tsp   fish sauce
Mustard leaves
Fried Garlic
1  tsp  sesame oil (for fried garlic)

1. Blanching rice noodles or beehoon (alternative to instant noodles), and mustard leaves.
2. Leftover of boiling water from making fish balls can be use, if you don't have. You can boiled a handful of anchovies. After it boils, add in the homemade fish balls or store bought ones.
3. Add in some salt to taste, and a teaspoon of fish sauce. Boil it again.
4. Serves with Blanched noodles, vegetables and fish balls.

Fried Garlic
1. Heating 2 tbs of cooking oil on a pan, add in  2 cloves of chopped garlic and sesame oil.
2. Fry garlic until it turns brownish. Off from pan. Leftover oil can be use in fish broth or into the soup, it's up to you.

Please enjoy your hard-works!

Good Luck!

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