Friday, March 6, 2015

Homemade easy Potato Wedges


and hai,

We had rice-kind-of-a-day for breakfast, lunch and dinner. So I was totally full at all. For only a day, I've just so tired of eating a rice, but beware for diabetic patient, you're suppose to decrease your white rice, excessive of rice intake will produce more glucose. You might search on then.

After carbs-day, another carbs will took in, but I make it for snacks. It's easy and fast to make, and quite healthy cause you don't need to fry in oil, air-fried in the oven. Someone post it on the blog or, you may find it on Yummly.

Baked Potato Wedges

serves two
Time : Approx 1 hour

5     pcs  Holland Potato cut into wedges
2     tbs   Olive oil
1/2  tsp  salt
pinch of paprika

1. Potato wedges boiled until half cook. Approx. in 20-25 mins.
2. Strained wedges, put olive oil and stir well. Then, add in salt and paprika stir well and bake in the preheat oven at 160°C for 30 mins. *depends on your oven's performance
3. Ready to eat!

It's just a simple dish. enjoy!

Good Luck!

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