Thursday, April 30, 2015

A Dreamy Beach Vacation with Styles


dan hai,

First of all, it's a dream for all woman, to have a nice and luxury vacation. That include me too. I love to see beach, stay around the beach, sun bathing in the morning, and I love cuddles on the beach (oopss!), sorry, just kidding. But, I prefer in a room, or suite, it's more privacy.

Last few weeks, a newsletter from The Luxe Nomad came into my junk mail. A contest about How To Getaway in Styles ( Here). After awhile, I think it's no big deal and what about give it a try. It's just need a create a blogpost. Right?

And, I'd like to win a stay at Paresa Phuket, on The Luxe Nomad with styles. Especially on not a very soon of my anniversary! I need to plan early for months as my husband is a busy bee. *wink*

Let me feast your eyes with Paresa Resort Phuket, Thailand. This is one of my favorite photo on The Luxe Nomad website. Masya Allah, it's so beyond beautiful scenery at night. Star light on their infinity pool. Owh, I am falling in love with this resort! I bet you too.

Paresa Phuket on The Luxe Nomad

And, I'd like to win a stay at Paresa Phuket, on The Luxe Nomad  because it's a dream came true for all women out there who love nature and beautiful scenery. At least for relaxation and out from the crazy city life.

Then, I suppose we should get in a nice clothes for amazing vacation in a luxurious Paresa Phuket right? Well, I prepared a few templates ensemble from FashionValet in a variety of designers. I think I should name a theme on each enssemble, right?

First, Earthling Heat, a combination warm colour with brown of earth, (right to left) Maple Top in Peach (Ria Miranda) ,Ombre Tote bag in Yellow and Red (Capital T) , Cape Front Shoes in Red and Wheat (CIPELA), Basic Flare Pants in White (Zakwan Anuar) and dUCk's Georgette Scarf in Espresso.

source : FashionValet

It's so lovely to mix and match around FashionValet and I wonder why, Vivy Yusof always sneak it first before release online. Well, my next ensemble is, Leaves in Nature, I do think in a match of some greens with earth's color, brown. It's quite suits for each other, and will complete my styles in Paresa Phuket stay, insyaAllah.

The ensemble from (right to left) Set Bracelet in Olmpus Green ( Le De Sociale), Basic Flare Pants in White (Zakwan Anuar), Cape Front Shoes in Red and Wheat (CIPELA), Georgette Scarf in Espresso (dUCk), and Ema Kimono Cardigan in Green (Nafyana).

source : FashionValet

When it's time to chill out on the beach, you might to wear something loose, and no hassle. Kick in some edge look will be awesome. Peachy Beach, is an ensemble of bright pastel color with casual. Seems like to feel the beach with a great feeling, huh?

An ensemble from right to left, Peony Pareo Skirt in Yellow and Pink ( Ruzz Gahara), Rope Leather Cuff in Green ( Grey/Cyan), Crepe Shawl in Marsmallow (dUCk), Cape Front Shoe in Red and Wheat ( CIPELA), Ombre Tote Bag in Yellow and Red ( Capital T), and Aleya Flowy Kaftan Blouse in Dusty Pink from Thesut.

source :FashionValet

But, I think we should wear something in blue, I love blue by the way. Perfect for beach-walks in the evening, waiting for sunset. Think about blue, it seems synonym with a clear blue-green ocean of Paresa Phuket, white sand of Kamala Beach. It must be a dream or perfect photo!

So I called this ensemble, Blueeny Breeze, right to left, Rianna Volume Skirt in Green ( THESUT), Jepara Necklace in Gold (Cucito), Melissa Aranha 1979 in Beige (Melissa), Bamboo Scarf in Sapphire Ice (dUCk), Pintuck Cotton Top in White (HiDY).

source : FashionValet

Daily wear to casual, something purple to inject in the assemble, Purple Sky, about this ensemble I want to keep white on every mix and match as white on the beach or anything with a beautiful interior like Paresa Phuket, I don't to miss a photo shoot around the resort.

From right to left, Wide Legged Pants in Multicolor (Lawa-Lawa), Madison Classic in Orchid Bouquet ( Sugarscarf), Color Blocked Tavi Shirt in Lilac (Mimpikita) , Melissa Marilyn in Beige and Orange ( Melissa).

source : FashionValet

Despite all, mix and match with some green and purple too are awesome pair with white. I would choose something that wearable few times with different twist on whenever I wear it. It could save your money with people see it always in new! haha. That's a trick!

Grupreen Light, I do think I call every ensemble in a unique way as it's just originality you made up! and who cares actually, agree? From right to left, Printed Chiffon Cardigan in Purple ( ZUCO Fashion),  Skerq Mersiha Skirt in White (Sluoandskeq), Melissa Marilyn in Beige and Orange ( Melissa), Basic Turtle Neck Top in White ( Madeena), Slip-on Double-V Lace Snood in Beryl Green (Adlina Anis).

source : FashionValet

I hope that I can win this, and that's not enough for taking a whole days for scrolling The Luxe Nomad website, as they had incredible offer for beautiful resort that absolutely breathtaking. I love them all, so hard to choose for a room or suite!

P/s What's your fave pair? Let's join this, this contest will end very soon!

Good Luck!


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