Friday, November 1, 2013

Happy diwali and Awal Muharram

Salam dan hai,

Alhamdulillah,  a day ahead that always get you grateful what you have now. The everything we have now are just a rental from our Creator.

Musim musim perayaan ni sila berhati2 dengan pemanduan yg berhemah. Do please fasten your seatbelt when you started to drive.

For this hols, I came to my hometown in Batu Pahat. My ex-classmates in highschools are getting married!!!! We're so excited about to know who is her husband to be real soon. Lol.

So for her receptions tomorrow I'll be wearing my very own handmade. I'm not pretty sure whether the design is imitate to others or no. But it will be my very own achievement lar to sketch the designs, drawn the pola and everything by your own. *claps* proud of myself. More to come in future! weee...

This evening I'll be on checkup with my fav doctor here. Updates on my cycles after consumed the bad-evelish-hormones-pills. Lol.

Then pickup my besties, Wan, arrive from Singapore this evening too. Then I'll make quick shopping for doning a scarf that's absolutely to be match with my kurung modern dress.

Ok till then

P.s should I stop my progress of ttc for a while?

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