Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Warm Night

Salam dan hai,

Malam macam ni memang rasa panas, walhal dua tiga hari lepas hujan turun selebat-lebatnya. .

Malam ni agak suam suam air.. kinda hot. Hehe..

Think that my dearest husband will be home soon. . Less than 30 days I guess so. Perhaps it's just around that and not more. Almost seven months he is away.. okay rindu!

So my not so lonely night, just berangan thingy things. Nak tunggu mata lelap. Yeas..

Today I took few naps at odd hours. I don't know what really made myself like that. Haha..

So I have to get my sleep now. Tomorrow just another day to encounter with. I have to or I must have my 30 mins power walk in the morning where there are impossible that I can do it on the evening's heat! Haha..

Ok. Bye now!

P.s psssttt! A new shiny orangey ride is on!

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