Monday, March 25, 2013

A new trend!

Salam dan hai,

Kind of phenomenal I guess, that everyone has started to play a Candy Crush Saga on the phone.

Well, I just started to play few weeks ago. Less than a month. When I read on Proudduck's owner of her addictive new game. I think that is one and only game she played with.

It's not just a kid or an adult.  But everyone who have some little interest will downloaded it and getting addict. Heee..

I am not pretty sure either I am or not. But to fulfill my time. And for sure if I am in my don't-know-what-to-do thingy. I will play again and again. Searly in yhe morning or late at night.

Sorry guys if I keep bugging you all for life's request. That's will be all same. Whoever play it will send request! Means not enough to play just like that. Wanted more and more life to keep going and get through another stage or level.

Heee.. it's all about the candy!

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