Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Whistle of birds

Salam dan hai

Well it's a common morning rather than a rooster's cuckoo.. calmly to hear that birds whistle..

Now we are busying to clean up the house. A low-cost terrace house must have a presence of ratatouille. . Haha.. yes, serious I really mean it!

Last time was super horrible damage that our food's storage and yadaa yadda.. very bad to tell you. As you can imagine that our kitchen area must be held a drunk party by rat's company. 

That was last time as husband and I do some make over. But still now got rat come in from nowhere. Sigh.

So, we are just not to continuously doing that. Just in the morning as we are fresh to do anything. Hehe. When in the noon. I have no idea what to do. Husband suggest to draw and sketch cabinet to fit under stairs and living room. Cheapskate? Maybe yes and no.

Yes, as my so called talented husband can do some carpentry jobs. Yeah. Serious. As not pefectly done but just enough for an engineer to do it right? Afterall it's out from his job scope. And yes too it's can save triple your bucks. For a kitchen wardrobes that I love to be on the magazines will cost you a bombs!  So we just keep a cost as my hubs can do it. Lol.

No. Actually there is no options.  My husband insist to do it by himself. ;) will not cost you thousands but there'll be a sweet memories. A satisfaction will paid off at last.

Ok now. I will blog again later.

Psssttt.. do you want to know if ever I am going to be continuing my sewing project?

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