Wednesday, April 10, 2013


Salam dan hai,


Semalam patut saya buat entry kejadian semalam. Janji dengan diri sendiri. . Banyak post tergendala.. haha..

Well, pagi ni akan ada 30mins power walk again. Advantage, it's like you have running the all days.. for me I was facing like that. Berpeluh seharian okay..

Ok ok.. quick entry.. actually I had me-time sessions yesterday. I went to Muslimah Salon. Which is fully muslimah. Hehe.. first time trying their services.

So then I went to sushi time. Which I have to use a voucher from MPH lucky draws.

That's was yesterday.  And today is another day like before.. biasa aje la.. nothing much to do pun. But plan to make. Ok make sbb kek lapis keju ot layer cheese cake or senang orang panggil kek batik cheese! Ahaa.. sounds yummy right? Hehe

Ok. Then. This is my quick entry. The details will post out soon.


P.s I'll serve you Ichigo!

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