Thursday, October 25, 2012

Selamat Hari raya AidilAdha

Salam dan hai..

Im home.. I mean in Semerah right now.. ;) plus husband is around.. yeaayy double happiness there..

I want to surprise my husband with our anniversary with an album.. unfortunately it not will be happens since due time constrains.. really.. I am super busy now..

Super duper busy with homeworks from school and households.. lucky me that I really dont do much on households plus less job as assistant chef at home.. hehehhe.. really ah?

well, this is the new thing that I learn while my beloved husband is away for quite of some time.. at least, I have something to do with my own time.. and taaddaaaa it is make me busier than ever..

Alhamdulillah.. for this week.. I mean last week, this is the product I produce.. taa daaa.. how is it? looks alike perfect right? but.. I really dont know how to do it perfectly.. but I try my best to do it once.. you know the clothes cant sewn more than once isnt it? it will be just nice or disaster..

afterall, proud to myself that I can do it ya'all.. hehehe.. psstt.. husband said it so too.. heee double triple love you sayang..

all right.. plan of today?






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