Friday, November 16, 2012

I dont know..

Salam dan hai..

its been awhile again that I didnt post on here..

the exciting to write become lesser.. or I dont know how is it.. no tempting to write, eventhough there is a lot of things that I want to share..

for the time being, I missing my husband so badly, and just wish that my classes end it very soon.. sigh

I dont know for probs discussions become bigger.. with no intention to it can be reach when you say in a wrong way to be understand.. or I dont know..

I dont know if we are simply judge without finishing the words.. and I dont know too if we are the one who interpret wrongly..

;( I dont know what to do.. it is awkward by days.. I care because we had close relationship.. and I still dont know what to do..

with all things happens Ive just live in my own world, the words care it doesnt give any impacts towards any persons.

the real thing on article is I dont care, whether I am the origin or else.. by sue its not the solutions..

what made me very sad was a phone call in the morning for warned me but not a call for asking me what I am doing or am I good or else..

I dont know..

I dont want to make me as myself so kesian with this kind of situations.. or I wrote it with all peoples put me aside.. as I dont know.. what else to do..

I am very dissapointed with the phone call again.. and later by now.. its just make my tears dropped without I noticed.. poor me!

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