Saturday, October 20, 2012

A deep note

Salam dan hai..

I even dont know that I am ready.. but we all must be excited to be expected new member soon..

currently not now.. and I dont know when it will be.. might be now or we will work hard on it later.. another 5 months dude..

mother in law insists.. but I had went to clinic for checks.. normal.. just the miss P doesnt show when she will come.. being hard to know when is the D day.. huhu..

for the time moment Ive just pray best for us.. and all of you too okay! I admire that husband not to get old very fast..

the pros abd cons about long distance is you keep shirt time of period year to spent with husband but you had a very quality time when we are together..

thats it.. this is how much I miss my husband.. the good and bad are even right now..

May Allah shows us His blessed and give us easier path on each way we get through.. Amin..

p.s its nearly a year at the end of this month..

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