Friday, January 8, 2016

Reporting that make you sick.. pt 1

Assalamualaikum dan hai,

It's been awhile since my last post, few things happen in my life literally that just made my personal history. Hell yeah, I can bake a good chocolate cake, chocolate moist cake or just anything with chocolate, I don't freak out. hehe.

So, some sort of it, you might be or you must be experiencing something bad services from any kind of provider that you hired. Such as an example for me that I always do is delivery service. Might be that the only day, it was his bad luck for the postman of P.

Well, usually I won't make it big, but might be it was my bad day too, with the bad timing after all. The delivery person end up not showing his body and my parcel in front of my door! He just called me for waiting at the godd**n door. Kind of pissed that day too.

Actually, it was a parcel of instant scarf only that I bought from Sechano. As I am leaving my husband's hometown, I decided that it had to deliver by courier.

When the parcel should have arrived on the that day, the guy had called me few times as the first, to ensure there is someone can receive the parcel. So then I just wait. The second call he mentioned about elevator services kind of interrupted might be off services, but then he continued that the elevator is ready to use.

The third call that really make me so disappointed on the dot. As he said, he just rang the doorbell, but no one opens the door. Oh wait, I said earlier on the phone I am at home. Just bell the door.

Believe it or not, the only appearance on my door was my neighbor's door too. lol. I just encounter back, call the number again but no. He just turned down my phone calls that for sure lead to my next action.

Last but not least, the sms from that guy, as he mentioned the parcel need to pick up at their branch. ok. fine. thank you.

makanya, ini makannyaa....

so I did official report to HQ,

Why just don't you call back for another 2nd chance delivery?

I have experience that not really good too. I did call them for second delivery and responded thru their customer service. In reality? No, as I ask the P guy when they sent another parcel on the next day, oh no that will not include as courier services just paid in one way only. whattaaafissshhh~

Ever since, I quite hesitate to use their services, but most of the online retailers using them as their premium courier.

I had a deep thought before throwing out this kind of report. Mixed feelings, worried bout their staff if they got sacked or even worst I will not getting any parcel after this. Haha, yeah, most probably it could happen.

But, the uttermost is, to inquire as why on earth such event had happened? You just need to send the parcel on my front door. That is. I even can't think to consider what going on or is he in real trouble? But on the next actions was the lead to send the report.

Why did you turn down my phone calls? I was worried. Either he was in the front door of wrong levels or you just standing on the lobby, pretended he already standing in front of the door? daaangg..

All of my curiosity, CCTV on my apartment will answer. I won't do that. because it's only a courier company that deliver only ONE piece of INSTANT SCARF!!

report salah, tak report pun salah jugak kan?

Kalau anda macam mana?

Further up on next entry pulak, marilah kita beriadah waktu petang ni.


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