Wednesday, August 12, 2015

😛 weekend's wedding!

Assalamualaikum dan hai,

Back in the island of Labuan, it was very hectic weekend! But so many people we met at last in a not so coincidence la.. Coz last time in my wedding, peluang nak kenalkan family semua tu kureng sikit.. Hihi..

Kali ni xda pengantin outfit, mostly dah kenalkan husband into my extended family belah arwah ayah.. Hihi.. Lebih santai dan lama sikit boleh sembang tanya khabar berita.. Almaklumlah balik ke kampung pun jarang juga, kalau balik pun jumpa org tua je.

Owh ye, this round was my brother's wedding.. Adik no 3.. If omputeh I'm not sure the right words to say older brother or younger brother but as long as he is your brother eh? 🙊 Hehe..

Only this is the best picture of newlyweds. Haha.. Sorry bro!

And this is us

So there it goes again, a questions of child. Neither getting annoyed nor sad nor mad, I am happy there are people concerns about me. They politely asked sensitive question to me, and I am flattered and overwhelmed. Well, every question each different people asked, I am asking them for their du'as and thoughts to both of us.

I am happy when I am home in my hometown.

So husband request to me if we going back to my hometown please bring him to my extended relatives, yes there is so many aunties, uncles and cousins now expand to nephews and nieces.

As our family grew bigger in 'size' and sizing too.. Haha.. Kidding!

There is a place we rent for Homestay for my in laws to come this wedding. A very nice place of two rooms and very quite cheap too. Overall we are so satisfied. The owner too is kind and deliberate too.. So this part I will tell you another post.. Hihi.. Just knew after we checked out she is one of my mom's ex-colleague. So just happy to know and easier to book again.

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  1. InsyaAllah ada rezeki nanti.
    Suka jenis wedding santai-santai rilex.
    Kalau buat dekat hotel rasa pening, macam tak puas nak catch up with all the relatives. Terkejar-kejar masa.


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