Wednesday, December 24, 2014


Salam dan hai,

Buat pertama kalinya menaip di waktu malam hari gini. T____T

Sudah seminggu atau lebih, saya pun da tak ingat bila mula nya, when it first started pun I am aware that I was so little maybe, or when I was in kindergarten. When my mom was browsing an Avon catalogue for my lip's problems.

I had it frequent. A chapped, cracked and sometimes the keratin of the lip broke, and bleed lips. That is how it looks alike for my lips, the best I can describe.

Baru sekarang nak terhegeh pergi google sana sini, kutip info how to treat it, as I can't bare it cause what people will suggest, I did. Usually they will advise to drink loads of water, badan panas, avoid or reduce spicy, oily foods and it is bad for my hubs as he loves Curry!  X__X All the advise didn't work for weeks. But drink loads of water for weight loss.

So bila surfing for info, ada satu forum yang bincang satu masalah, they mentioned it as Cheilitis, then click pulak kat image view, teruk pun ada, tapi simptom tu memang lebih kurang, kalau nak kepastian kena jumpa doktor la kan.

Untuk orang tak bertauliah macam saya ni, takkanlah nak memandai kan? mungkin ada 1 dalam 100 orang doktor yang boleh diagnos, kalau pakar kulit tu konfirm tau. But I rarely went to a general doctor for this, as they will advise the same as ordinary people will advice.

The worst problem I ever had when I took my modular courses during college days. My skins was sun-burnt, and my lips cracked and bleed. It's so painful as I went to doctor that can't help it at all. The next day, my lips became 'bernanah' for both upper and bottom lips. *cried* Suffered for few days before I went back to Terengganu.

Then I went to a clinic in Terengganu, just couldn't recall it where, I just know Klinik Ikhsan in front of MRSM Batu Rakit? haha.. sorry.. so He prescribed me with some medicine and painkiller, Alhamdulillah, the medicine was suit enough to heal my pain lips.

chapped and cracked lips

Nowadays, I don't have that kind of bad situations that I pray much and avoid to be burn under the sun. Tapi still had it and have it now. So up until now, I have various lip balm or lip treatment now and future. I don't have any collections of lipsticks or lips-gloss either. 

I reduced my usage on Vaseline, some natural remedies such as butter or olive oil (several times will do), and try some aloe lip facial (Guardian brand) seem like nothing happens. Last night I tried with Sebamed again. Alhamdulillah getting better. Buat masa ni Sebamed yang ok, I found out Cheilitis has no cure, it will goes and comes again.

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