Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Free Drama Korea Online!

Salam dan hai!

Getting excited when you can only get sneak previews on TV?

For the Korean Drama Fans and Japanese Drama Fans this is what you'll love to hear and need to catch it up!

Well guys, there are two website that I know and recommended to get it on first from the other Korean drama online. More faster and had latest update after on air in Korea!

1) Drama Cool

DramaCool online, serves not only drama but movie too. Variety dramas and movies from Asian, such as Japane, Korea, Hong Kong and Taiwan.

Reviews, lately it's been late to upload series with subtitles but still upload on time with RAW episodes ( means totally fresh after on air in Korea without subs). The colourful websites is an eye-catching for everyone and easily to catch what's next on displays the episode that still delays for upload.

Sneak slides which shows of hits Korean drama at the moment. Also you can find the latest episodes added into the websites with colour code for RAW and subtitled. Easy right? Please enjoy it!

DramaCool Website

2) DramaBay

The one and only more faster than anyone else! the simple websites make it easy and fast to search what movie or drama we want to watch. DramaBay also

The sites also serves latest Korean and Japanese dramas and not to forget Taiwanese dramas also that right after on air in their origin. Ive just accidentally jump into it, and found it such a cool websites that offer the drama that I follow very much.

Their latest update on scheduling to upload the series or episodes you can track it down on their Facebook Fan Page : Drama Bay

DramaBay website

This is a free reviews from me, and not sponsored one. I found these two webbies that can offers latest drama uploaded with subtitles faster than anyone else.

Where you google it, you may find the other website, but after all I'm always disappointed when they say NOT AVAILABE IN YOUR REGION. So Malaysian you may find these two websites had latest episodes that you don't wanna to miss it!

p/s : pssttt, what's your fave drama to watch right now?


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