Saturday, August 9, 2014

Kitchen HOB

Salam dan hai,

The most topic I had googley so far, as for my self, googley to blog from another blog, forum to another forum, just not make myself satisfied and can't really decided which kitchen hob to buy. Thinking of a brand or price, and also how about quality and after sales service warranty.


There are one of brands that I favor much, at first, I was adore designs with square thingy cast iron likes used in Rachel Ray's kitchen, or all the chef in Food Network! the only thing different was brand but others there are look alike with square thingy cast iron on the hob! yeah.. kinda of crazy or obsessed with stainless steel and square cast iron.. haha

The cheapest kitchen hob with square thingy cast iron are not more or less than one Grant, mostly or at least 1.1K after dealing process. phewww~ memang nipis poket laki kalau gini..

I narrow down to Rinnai, Lebensstil, Bosch, Pacifica and Fotile or else, my husband will insist the old school one, cheaper and easy to buy! sigh~

We opt to stainless still, so we crossed Fotile and Pacifica as some reviews said they had probs with after sales service, for now Lebensstil and Rinnai. The reason why we don't buy Rinnai as, I emailed Rinnai HQ customer service, they said their showroom and dealers in Penang Island as we are in Prai area, and really had limit of time to go survey!

Also, I don't get it why they are not really advertised Bosch in Penang, as my personal, their hob are not bad comparing with other brand but it still like, you-will-regret-it-later if you buy Bosch! blerghhh~

So, last time, we bought a Lebensstil's kitchen hob, at first we wanted to order a 3 burners closely like LKGH-8003BCG, but without the middle trivet, means the size is more shorter than 80cm long. Unfortunately, they stopped selling that, and we chose LKGH-8003BCG as cheaper price but slightly over our budget. @____@

Then, I called it luck when dealer called and said they ran out of hob what we ordered, and replaced with LKGH-8005B for no additional cost, it's FREEEEE upgraded as we already waited for almost two weeks! lol..

owh, additional info, we bought it from KitchenTech Seberang Jaya, Sales Advisor either Jason or what, I can't recall right now..There are nice persons, and will recommend as what they think it's reliable or not.

from Lebensstill's catalogue 2014, HERE
Reviews so far, controlling the knob is the hardest thing to do, quiet tight maybe it's still new or else, we are so kampung to control it. yalah, berangan to have a professional chef's kitchen la sangat.. hehe.. in the end, we are struggling with the knob and saute our curry!

Afterall, Alhamdulillah.. nothing much probs into it and perhaps no probs for 5 years from now... hehe.. and my MIL are so happy with the hob, of course la it's new and very nice looking.. well, I can't give any pic of it as I don't take pict of it.. haha.. like seriously, I don't take any pic! So far

why my review so pendek? cause I used it for only a month, then I flew to my husband, hehe.. obviously my MIL are the owner now, and for sure, she cooks a lot, cause she loves cooking so much! my best cooking teacher so far :) hehe..

ok, anything you want to ask you can email your queries to me.

p/s you have an idea where to order local custom cutting board? preferably in Penang.


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