Saturday, March 1, 2014


Salam dan hai,

Again and again. Lama betul xberblog. Memang sangat tak rajin skrg ni.

Alhamdulillah. It's just okay to fix myself in this climate. MasyaAllah. Insaf kejap bila ingat api neraka tu maha hebat. Huhu.

Sebenarnya sy sangat confuse bila memikirkan ap yg dibualkan dalam facebook semalam.

Sentap di akhirnya. Pedih betul rasa. Nak kata salah. Tak tahulah. Takda pulak simtom stress atau apa2 yang pelik. Tapi..


Bingung. Kenapa tiba2 macam tu. Lepas statement sy tu ad bnyak sgt nak cerita. Sbb sy rasa pelik dgn badan sy ni. Huhu.

Tetiba dihujani dengan kata2 yg buat sy rasa sedih sgt. Terasa. ;( hebat kan.. sampai boleh jatuh air mata tanpa sebab!


Its just to have 2nd think about to continue the initial treatment. As they just only figure out why and why and yet they are actually didnt have any solutions. So why we jump into the end when it was just started?

Then.. i didnt even mention about my emotions. Not at the present time during the conversation. But why you read me as i am so stress?

I am more optimist and learning to keep the positive vibes around me. But why and why just kept my head with those questions last night until i fall asleep with tears and heartbroken.

So deeply as i cant say anything to you today. So clueless as i recall back if anything wrong with no track of answers but it leaves pain in my heart.

To keep track in early conversations till the end was so painful. As i am speechless whenever i can still seeing those words without knowing why it happened.

Ive just dont know why, ive just wanna share.. there are lots of alternatives. And im not suggesting something beyond our limits.

Clueless in heartbroken.

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