Saturday, July 20, 2013

Handling stress!

Salam dan hai..

I do think most peeps now are having this kind of situations when they are stuck in something.

Yes. A stress that distress you. Haha.

So on my stress thingy was about sewing a baju kurung plus a baju melayu. Welll it's a hari raya project. With the new babies coming in. What was make myself excited to do some self project!

Those baju. Ok. Serious. It's stress when you had cut it in a wrong patterns where my faults that tak perasan and blurs.. in my so much bloody moody. The mistakes aren't accepted at all.. lol.

So.. the first of baju melayu my husband gone wrong all the way.. forgot to seize it down on wrist and also the neck area.. hahah.. pity of my husband to wore the not yet jadi baju perfect few times..

So the alterations took a day.. with have so lazy things to do.. haishh..

And now. My baju kurung. Er.. kurung pesak gantung. Which is my first time to do it. So I failed to make it perfectly and yet its so tight! Haha.. i don't know. Or that was my first time, that I follow any instructions from the book. Sigh.

The mistakes.
- I didn't recheck the my own measurements with the pattern. Lol
- I just sewn without check it again. Lol

Haha..memang stress.. lucky sebab husband keep motivated me for don't give up. Haha.. I do loves you more baby! Psstt.. beli kain lagi for next project. . Ok.. banyak sgt kain.. slowly..

Now.. a family uniform nk kena jahit.. haha.. memang gila.. baju dua helai pun take time.. lol..

So.. stress bila memikirkan mcm mna nak alter bg elok.. stress bila kena buat keje 2-3 kali.. haihh..

The positive things are mindset must be on a perfect level. Which terima ajela kesalahan dan kecacatan berlaku.. haha.. kalau tak salah memang xtau ape yang nak diperbaiki!

Done now.. will update later..

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