Sunday, March 10, 2013

Two-enty five!

Salam dan hai,

It's a year more adding on my age-scale..not heavy but quite a lot of numbers.

Alhamdulillah, Allah taala berikan rezeki dengan kurniaannya pd hari ini. Dipanjangkan usia pd hari ini. Esok lusa tak tahu lagi. InsyAllah.

Tiada apa yang istimewa sangat hari ini.. macam tahun lepas, suddenly I'm away with my in law. Coincidence maybe. And a scheduled away from husband too.

Few newly weds are so lucky when got chances to accompany their husband on board. And I belum ada rezeki even I wanted it so badly. Yeah. Nobody wants to be apart from your other half isn't it?

At the time being. It's just me and my family on my birthday.  A simple day for. Ouhh. I miss my nieces and cheeky nephews.  ♥

My only wish for this year is being healthy. Some more are happy,  more loves and optimistic.  Yes, I have to for my husband. 

Ok then, have a wonderful Sunny-day!

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