Tuesday, February 26, 2013


Salam dan hai,

Deep inside me there are few of thoughts that I had to monologue everyday. Its only me and myself.

Our beautiful journey of marriage are so wonderful and kind of different with others.

Yes, I'm married with a merchant mariner which an easy to call as "Sailor" where I don't get easily to use that term. ;)

With the unstable of cycles means that my hormone puzzled. The last day of miss P came make me wonder when is it. Is it yesterday? It's took so long that make me forget.

Sensitive is not the answer when I got a load of questions about child. The best thing I can do is smiling all the way. And yet, I'm not crying over it just calm and forget till the other days come.

Might be I didn't feels of motherhood thingy, the truth is I really do if there got rezeki for us. The learning process of having a child it's not easy.

A child is a gift for us and a responsibility to us for give the best education and guidance to the right way. As I live with the in law made me thing and learned many things.

It's just not give a sweet to the kids and they will be quiet and go play. But they still nagging you so much. There's a way of handling. Much of loves, emotions and patience to deal with kids. A time for being strict also so hard to do so, but for own good..

Allah SWT has not easily grant for what we want but will grant our needs. It makes me patiently get thru by days.

A year and four months. Distance is the enemy right now. The whole that period of time, we just met and live together just about three months. Quite hard for us. But insyAllah when there's a will, there's a way.

;) the more grateful I am as having a wonderful husband who always in calm and his readiness to share and listen. Who is my backbone for not to be weak. Alhamdulillah.

Till then,

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