Wednesday, August 29, 2012

how to eh?

Salam dan hai..

The first ever thing I want to do is to learn to be a VERY good housewife instead the basic thing before becoming a mother.. right? well.. I do cope all these kind of things.. slowly.. maybe it's very slow..

As we live together now for the time being,  I find comfort for myself during cooking, on houseloads and anythings that only both of us. What to do? I don't know how to act  casually when in laws are around.

The right word for me is an HELPER! yeahh.. the only thing that I do when I am around them. Sometimes there are the days that I will do anything rather than just did the cleanings, and for some reason I'd just accompany MIL cooking sincerely.. yes, sincerely to help and to learn lillahi taala..

How to? just hoping the best for me.. huhu.. and the only weird thing that I still don't know how to cope is when on the kenduri thingy.. not just attend but as helping here and there.. my last time was terrible and just recently on wedding of one husband's cousin. I was alike a doll that not moving anywhere just sit still on the bench, there are few helpers and the space very limited, plus that I don't know what to do next.. pity me!

that was happening to me right now.. just wondering why I need to convince them that I can do for my own, or I have to gain their trust for letting me to do something such as drive alone to a mall, maybe? hmm..

okla.. I am not getting too close about the issues.. I should encounter it for my own good and others too..

I am still learning how to type without typo existed.. huhu.. :'( or find the right choice to blog on the phone.. something that's not cool at all..

ok dAaa..

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