Tuesday, August 28, 2012

accumulated laundry..

Salam dan hai everyone..

now I am babysitting my husband.. he is sick again.. tapi tiada kaitan dengan perut beliau kali ni.. our first day puasa enam is in progress.. half day away now.. but seems husband looks so penat..

and this morning ive just completed square up all of our clothes.. like seriously.. very big M to finish them all.. baju yang sangat banyak with full of the basket ok.. and ampaian oun penuh..

so.. plan of this berbuka puasa.. plans to cook black pepper beef and some soup.. or telor dadar.. simple onw only.. no need to very hard one.. twheee...

by now.. Im not sure if the beef is ready, it's already took couple of hours now.. with the husband conditions right now.. might be the simple dish.. ok? :-)

okla.. da nak pkul 3 ni.. belom solat lagi.. and try dlu kejot husband, later I want to cook..


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