Saturday, October 29, 2011

The Wedding Dresses


Throwback my wedding's memories, so there will be some lacks due to my poor brain's memory. :)

Solemnization's Dress

When the first time I saw, my dresses, I was so excited, with all dramas behind it shed it away. Alhamdulillah, I won't criticize more as it was happen few years ago. EHEM!

Designer : Unaisah Azlan
Contact : Thru FaceBook, as I lost her contact.
Years : October 2011
Fabrics : Beaded silk chiffon, Thai silk, and 3D flowers

At first, I bought this fabrics for engagement, as my husband now, insist to have simple meeting in between our folks. Memandangkan my mom, and my mertua never met before. So I am okay, and a bit relieves. haha.. biasalah mak enon over, first timer gini la.. memacam hal. 

We olls decide proceed warna purple ni untuk nikah, bila our two side family chose either green or yellow, so my side took plain bright yellow! and his side took green :) as if I chose this purple for receptions there will be no bride and groom in the end, as no contrast. heh.

Reception's Dress

OOOwwwhhh, this is I love most, with dramatically flares or my skirt, the feeling of being the queen of the day, wore the most prettiest clothes I ever wear, you know how the feelings isn't it? afterall, it's all your BIG day, the day you wanted to be ALL great, and ALL in order, and also ALL will be happy along that moments.

Untuk ada konsep penegasan, warna off white atau cream menjadi pilihan kami. Baru nampak macam oustanding skit ye dak.. kuikuikui.. Padahal biasa aja, disebabkan untuk baju nikah dah warna purple, rasa nak lain sikitla baju sanding tu, warna ala-ala princess kan.. hehe

lepas ni, buat review lain pulak, almaklumlah, baru terkial-kial nak update, haha!

ok, that's all.


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