Wednesday, April 15, 2015

About being silent..


dan hai,

Had to be silent again, hehe, sorry.

Nothing much to share sebab everything I do is still in progress. Like, I bought some seeds from overseas, and this is my first time, just wait for it sprouting is azaaabb! haha.

So this time round, I try to grow some seed from secret-V, some chai's seeds and persimmon's seeds. Seedling process could take time for awhile, and so the progress is so slow. So nothing much to share and I was juggling over here and there. T___T

A package from States

Seeds : V, Chai and persimmons

Maybe you will say why you want to grow persimmons right? Yeah I know, they want some cool and chill weather areas around 10°C to 20°C. I thought so, cause no persimmons grown in Malaysia. Haha. It is like why we can't rearing or breeding Salmon in our river here.

Instead of fish, I do persimmons that I bought months back where in its seasons might be around last Chinese New Year! Just only store bought when they are on sale! Before this, I placed the seeds in refrigerator for seedling as Youtube Guru said so! and last week, there is nothing happens just look so plumpy. LOL

So then, I Youtube-ed again on how to grow persimmon from seed. And then, they show another vids, that you had to cracked the outer shell of persimmon. Okay, already did it, and I had a handful of seed, then I am trying two methods, first, still seedling in a refrigerator, covered with moist kitchen towel in a sealed bag. Two, just you see above. Traditionally seedling process that require some medium and frequent spray-watering to keep it moist at all time. It's like I'm babysit this seeds now.

And not to forget, I try to grow avocado too. I find it quite pricey to buy it every alternate weeks or when they had stocks in market. RM5 each or RM2 each.. Menu-menu diet sekarang ni mahal jugak,. Kobis bunga pun mahal. haha.

Dengan harapan dapatlah hasil yang memberangsangkan dengan berbudi pada tanah sekangkang kera, eh, berpasu aja bila di awan biru ni, haha.

Satu kepuasan juga bila tengok hasil tu, saya dah gembira bila ada yang survive dan hidup sihat. I tend to grow it in natural way, with organic control pest or enhancer, baja lah tu. haha. Everything from scratch that coming from kitchen's leftover. Bolehlah kan. Suma ada dah, cuma rajin ke tak je nak buat.

Saya ni tak berapa rajin, adalah process tu lag for few days! aahaha. SO, we shall continue this progress for next few weeks okay or until it already become a tree! *amin*


If anyone wants to try out or to make your own organic baja, boleh email me at There are actually there, and only you that require only an effort.

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