Tuesday, March 24, 2015

My little garden


dan hai,

It's been awhile from the last post right? Rather than cooking, baking or else. ehemm (movie-ing all day)

Part of it, I build a mini garden on spacious balcony. At first, I put it on our air-cond fan area outside our room. As they show progressions and grew so well, I transferred it to balcony area for getting more suns and space to grew more.

Just now, There are curry tree, chili tree (not yet produce), and bird's eye chili ( cili padi). I think it has been 6 months or above since I stay here, curry tree are my early starter to grow as I need it so much in a week especially when I cook curry (gulai ikan, pajeri terung, kari ayam). :D

Last few months, I want to find a good breed of kaffir lime tree. As early batch with curry, it can not survive in two months time. I thought it must been already dying when I bought it. So, just take time to find a good ones in Peladang. Usually there is flea market every weekend. I just bought there.

Alhamdulillah, everything is good, actually it only take your little time and effort to make this happens. So for me, I grew this for my preparations for next Eid-Fitr's day. Just need a to grow turmeric. I need turmeric's leaves for rendang.

My latest addition is to grow mint leaves. Hehe. For 1st phase I can call it succeed! Alhamdulillah. Can supply mint leaves to my morning tea. *happy dance*

For a new project, I tried a different type to grow the root. Also get it ready for leaving it in a week, so I have to prepare their own water supply. When I start with mint, it shows a good progress, the leaves became wider and look fresh! Just learnt here and there to make it happy greens alive! Maybe I will share with you how to do it on my first phase. Later k?

Ok that's for now. I hope it can stay still in a good conditions. Plan to go hometown for a week. Phewss~

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