Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Totally a NOOB

Salam dan hai,

kreeekkkk krekkkk

wreck it y'all.. it means that I was missing again. and very shy to blogwalking eventhough I have plenty, or massive leisure of time. Yeahh..

What can I do in the Island of Labuan?

nothing much.

totally a NOOB right now, where I just know that we can search a GEEK dictionary! haha.

I love to test or love to try and love to give it a try any kind of recipes that I'm salivated, and honestly, it can't find in Labuan, barely can't find or it didn't exist in Labuan.

yeah it does!

+ Good pizza, unless it's Pizza Hut with tiny cheese on top.

+ Limited of food supply,

+ A good food, but say yes to SEAfood, it's quite heaven here. thumbs up!

+ A good or nice breakfast place, we just can say one here, and frequently went there.

+ Can count by one hand for a place to eat. T____________T

+ They first heard of cinnabon, pretzel or any kind of western here, nevertheless, a heritage malay cuisine they never had one before. pity me nor pity them.

I'm always craving for good foods, so when it comes to try it, I will goog-ley for over and over again, and sometimes it takes few days before I dare to try it. haha.

for now, Youtube and foodbloggers are my best online tutorial whilst my expert in Penang can be contacted any time. LOL

totally a NOOB!


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