Monday, February 17, 2014



Diberi nafas dan kekuatan. Serta kesihatan yang baik.


Untuk tahun ni macam biasa saje.. resolusi nya tak adalah terlalu berat. Happily live for only one day without forecast. So you will be more less stress and more calm to perform solah at upmost you can do. Easy right?

Belum seminggu lagi pulang dar teman husband. Cerita kapal pun biasa saja. No camwhore at all over places. Mostly there are friends and seniors.

The incidents in college I just kept it in the past which never put any party felt uneasy about it. Chill!

Now, to live happily, simply, and more on ibadah.  But how about TTC?

As far as I am concern, just make it lightly, you worth it more when the right times come. InsyAllah.. amin. Pray alot when you make ibadah a lot too. Allah will granted it just any of time whether it's sooner or later.

Living happily is easy way to do right now. ;)

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