Sunday, October 13, 2013

Burst-ed oven

Salam dan hai,

Mcm mana hari ni? Produktif?

Now it shows around 12 a.m. and still I can't sleep rights away as I took my long nap in the afternoon.


Ive been so patience when my oven can get enough for one loaf tin or one 8" round tin where always wait for hours to bake it done. One after one. Still bersabar as the only space and the only way for the cake or muffins or cupcake or pie to be cooked in perfection.

In the end.

Another problems rose again. The thermostat rods are spoiled. Didn't know why it just heating to the low heat. Not heating up to high temp. Sigh.

All my cakes are bantat!

Reported to my husband and he said thay I should ask my in law fo new oven. @,@


But rather I should wait to buy my dream freestanding kitchen or just straight away buy the new oven?

And again.. still didn't manage to solve the existed probs with kitchen space.

Headache d. Again...

Still got time to think and decide whether to buy or to wait. I do think my in law will buy it. Huhuhu. Haihhh..

Maybe oven said : "heyy, pls stop using me, I'm old, I don't to be so hot and cold!"


That is why the oven is maintaining it temps when using it. Sigh

P.s esok sudah hari kelapan Zulhijjah, marilah kita berpuasa sunat.

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