Tuesday, July 16, 2013


Salam dan hai,

InsyAllah mudah mudahan Allah permudahkan semua usaha di bulan yg barakah ni.

Well, bukan senang nak cerita bab macam ni. Still hoping that Allah murahkan rezeki kami dengan zuriat yg soleh n solehah tapi belum tiba masa nya.

Few questions that might hurt you so or just make yourself that.. erghh again? So macam dah biasa sgt dengan soalan tu. Usaha saja lah jawapannya. Lol.

My first appointment with govern gynae on mid of august that actually I did minor checkup at LPPKN. So they suggest to make appointment with govern gynae. And I was okay then.

Catatan : bersabarlah sikit bila pergi govern ya. Waiting list pun nama kt kat page no 3. If ad yg cancel pun xtaula cmne.. no telefon pun xamek. Sigh

So currently I'm on tracking back my cycles as last month I went to see a good doctor I would say. Dr Azlina which currently di general klinik Batu Pahat. I do think it's kt Jalan Zabedah. May google her on okay?

When I do feels she's best. That's a week of headache so badly. I went few clinics that they only prescribed me on migraine. Sigh i don't have any insyAllah. But day after day it became so worst. We went back to my hometown and went to other docs which is covered by ING (now known as AIA).

One and only she prescribed me as kena kayap!  By just look at my scars on forehead. Serious. I feel better when I took the right medicine. Lega okay.

Okay enough.  So BPrian can checks her out as she can gives you some advice on ladies too. ;)

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