Saturday, February 9, 2013

Android JB 4.1.2

Salam dan hai,

saya bukan seorang gadget thingy that know every single things, yeahh that is not so me to catch it up.

so currently I am using Samsung phone that just recently updated to Jelly Bean 4.1.2 from Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0 is it correct? lol!

It have very nice of new features which are Multi views and Allcast Share at the upper right quick settings.

after few days, its just be a smart anyway. and its friendly use. by now I am encounter few problems that for me is hard to solve it. *yeaas I am not into gadget thingy I told ya*

The whole days that I try to figure out how to do it because my phone still not yet rooted.

- All the apps and files you stored in memory card/ SD Card are was atumatically moved into Phone memory which brings you slow or lagged activities on your phone.

- The phone was rebooting like everyday, my worst experience is yesterday, from the morning till noon it still rebooting. which I am confuse what is happening..  It took longer than usual about minimum 20mins.. sigh

- It shows that the phone are not yet campatiblw with the new symbians plus. Why it can't move apps or folders to memory card?

By now, just pray that he still can be use. Just for email and call purposes.

Pity you hubs, phone keep rebooting without notice and your server keep decline to receive my emails. sigh.

I do hope Allah prrmudahkan everything.. insyAllah

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