Thursday, January 31, 2013

My long hiatus

Salam dan hai,

its very long time that I did not manage myself to keep blogging. In fact the only thing Im on mobile now.

More truth is 24/7 on mobile on the go. Sounds I am very busy look alike as businesswoman right?

hehe.. not really, the fact my no show was my commitment to my everday-sewingclass in action! yeaaahh..

It was my so last year solutions are successfully accomplished! hehe.. which I dont have any long list of new year solution.. eerr.. do you had one? anybody? *cricket sounds*

Well, I am doing Sijil Kemahiran Malaysia Level 1 (K-012-1) for Ladies Dressmaker.. sounds interesting right? yeaahh.. at first for the first timer to learn how to sewing in proper ways.. haha.. ladies, I need more time to practice okay, and its not easy at all! believe me..

so, my next blogpost is about sewing.. all right then..

see ya

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