Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Today's menu : Eggs

Salam dan hai,

We are planning to go to island today. Just having a sightseeing.. but it is just a mall! Queensbay actually.. hehe..

After Subuh, Ive just got myself hard to move on and cook. Thinking for awhile for easy dish that simple and fast to serve. So, I think bout eggs, we did our grocery last weekend, so we have a lots of eggs.. teeheee..

Tempting right? Im a big rajin today, so I want to roll the eggs.. telur gulung I can say..

I give simple recipe here, ok?

We need;
1) 2 fresh eggs
2) 1 ripe tomato - diced
3) kuchai ** chives? leaves - chopped
4) A pinch of salt and pepper

How to?
1) heating up the wok. Slow fire.
2) lightly beaten the eggs. Add up tomato and kuchai also salt and pepper.
3) put a lil bit oil for greasing. Place the eggs inside and wait until the surface cooked.
4) 1st step to roll, just make it small turns, continuing to do it. But I just can do it 2 turns only.. heee

Tadaaaa... siap da! Hehhe.. enjoy!

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