Friday, December 23, 2016

Next year holiday plan

Alhamdulillah, praise to Allah as for this year for greek's years nearly completed. The next public holiday is Xmas eve. Myself and husband will be spend time here. Just at home. Might be doing some cleaning or else. But must be lah, as so much stuff going in but nothing going out. I feel stuffy in my room and our storage room also the freezer!

Overview for this year, we had so much burnt air plane tix. As there are so many unplanned trips and jobs on the dot. Thus, last minute change tix also cost you as same as new tix. haha. padan muka kan.. 

Jadi, nak dijadikan cerita. We stop buying air plane tix online, unless there are urgency to fly or some emergency case. 

Just telling you this, MAS is doing their monthly sale, or I am not sure as they are so frequent doing sale. So I didn't know on what occasion they are doing the sale, sometimes will be mock sale like they fighting over AA.. ehemm.. 

Then, I do think we are lucky this time, actually we plan to going home for next CNY hols plus Federal hols for KL and Labuan. There are a long weekend off, unfortunately husband's colleague already applied for a leave. We just fine as we just got back from home early this month. so in between about two months gaps are too close. Maybe we can plan to go for KK.. haha.. I don't know and no so sure about how many times or attempt we are trying to go there. Seems there is no successful yet.. ahaha 

Owh.. actually this might be confirmed, insyaAllah that we will going home for next Raya Puasa. It because, we already bought a return ticket! wehooo!! Hopefully, insyaAllah this time will be ours to going home for celebrate raya puasa at hometown.

p.s I do think my english has worsen now, haha.. so no grammar nazi here okay, please live a happily life as you will die to encounter all these probs on my post! hahaha

okay, it's done for now, and not sure what will I write soon. 


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