Monday, August 29, 2016

I don't forget about you..

Assalamualaikum dan Hi!

It's been months I guess, yes it is. Well, I'm pretty not sure is there anyone out there who will read my journal or babbles here.

After my long silence after silence, we are really busy with the household. Really not in the mood to update the stories here, just lazy as that! Alhamdulillah, everything went well some issues been dissolves but a few more still pending such as unworking A/C ( I didn't know how many times they repaired them, still not functioning!), the phone lines or the internet that we are facing it badly, we'd just borrow from the next door.  TM said there is no port, we have some suggestions but might go for the broadband option this time.

This year seems been tough for everyone, low currency exchange, I will travel soon, but that's not good change either. Some of my family members had quit their job and still looking the other opportunity. Life is tough tho.

Past few weeks, I am really not it the mood either, still not moving around much, not too fond to cook, we'd just grab the easiest meal on the go, or something easy to make from the fridge. I ate salad for days, hope for a change. haha. Once or twice a week I'll cook some traditional or simple Malay dishes. Do not forget about my loving husband, he will get grumpy if no rice day! Just recently, he is in the stress mode, complaint much about how his colleagues keep asking the changes about his looks, haha.. Nice belly, bro! So when just we ate more greens, he ate more bread and biscuits. Stress is really bad too, the scale will going up for sure, and he really is! Additional 3 kg for now, and he is unhappy about it for sure.

The solutions for now, we control again our portion, more greens and fruits to take.


      A s f o r t h i s t h r e e p a r a g r a p g h , I h a v e n o i d e a a n d t u r n o f f m o d e


Thank you for reading, I'll more update from now on.

p.s just set up my PC for easier to blog and keep them alive!

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