Friday, March 11, 2016

Always sweet 23!

Assalamualaikum dan hai semua,

A year to go for next birthday. At the age of 23, eheemm~ I've been realizing few things that for sure you regret a lot. Most of the things are foolish act! yeah. so, most of the women will probably or for sure had a child behavior.

Jadi, rasa malu jugakla dok terkenang piil entah apa-apa tu.

A year to be wiser more. setiap tahun macam tu, jadi macam sesi muhasabah diri. Kebanyakannya kena improve a lot. And the resolutions of losing weight is really something. I'm doing it on off. either already started for a week, then got busy on the weekend, the next day of new week already off the record for what I am doing. Haha. Not consistent.

Foods taken might be considered too. I shall reduce for what we taking right now. Especially reduce carb intake. It takes the time to do it. Because you will be craving 'Nasi' like hell.. haha..

This time, round more about health conscious, as my husband went to the doctor as he said he gets tired easily but still sweating like rains. Already did the blood test, seems everything was fine and normal. TO reduce bad cholesterol, less oily foods, less carb but more greens and fruits. Most important thing is regular exercise, to strengthen your core and improve heart rate.

Basically, my best two friends are doing the same thing. They do something to change. Change for a better quality of lifestyle and for health. But girls, we do concern for our looks to most of the clothes we wish to fit in, right? yeahh.. I have stressed it out. and I did. But half way.

Okla, please keep healthy and keep exercising to ME!!

Need and must back to the figure I owned before, because feel so long right now! T____T

Good Luck to me!

and you too~


p.s don't forget your alkafh today

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  1. My aim nak kuruskan badan is so that I can fit back into my anak dara baju :P .
    Take long route by walking to destination.


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