Saturday, January 9, 2016

Reporting that make you sick Pt2

Assalamualaikum dan hai,

Alhamdulillah, everything went well it was quite 'leceh' just to follow up when you filed a report. On my previous post was the topic why that I should file a report to their customer services.

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Up to today, one of their staff call to clarify what is happening as on his staff side also the real story from my side. ( I do think I already mentioned on the email, but fine, I can recall in details) So, from the introduction, the caller is the branch manager. She was shocked by the report from the headquarters. She expressed her apology for what was happen and must be a misunderstanding as the guy that handling my parcel just mentioned no one to pick up the door as he rang the doorbell for few times. T______T

That make me really sick for it, couldn't admit the wrong doing and the wrong practice.

keyword from the introduction is MISUNDERSTANDING!

I believe that she give credence to that guy too, as she made a step to investigate and clarify it. That's a credit for her as a leader but no for me, I don't like the tone of her voice that showing like she is confident of her staff, that must be a misunderstood ( I can read you when on the phone! haha.. but I passed it, you have to encounter this problem so you need to be clear.. **again I'm considering that part of her job.. T__T).

That make her a good leader, but still I felt pity too as that guy already lied to her and pretend innocent. I'd just nodded from the other side. She added it's easy to clarify if ever her staff did wrong at the first place if there are CCTV available at my house. T______T

I laughed, that was silly excuses I ever heard,CCTV? she added there is another family in the house too, ( that's a tick ), different people would probably receive the parcel (not big deal as long as it is the same address), then he or that guy already know where is my house then.

What made I laugh is, I lived in a place like service apartments, not just CCTV is there but we had a real guard that available 24/7. Why on earth excuses like that will explain to me? If you want to proof it, it's not a big deal thou.

You know where the house then, might be I am a stupid or what, I'd just can't think why is that he can't deliver the parcel at my doorstep? I paid for their courier services to be sent safely to me. It is just to deliver a parcel that literally very small and light.

The only mistakes the guy did was, not to leave a missed parcel card! The Ali Baba game got framed in the end, this kind of unethical acts has caught him by lying too.

Last but not least, she was repeating her apology for their bad services, also thanked me for reporting. If it happens again please do no hesitate to call her or sms her for next missed delivery parcel. ~ just make me think several times, I'd prefer to use different address this time lol.

After all, for me, from my personal thought, I believe that everyone has their hardships, even you think the easiest job in the world too, their face some hard earn job, it's different. I don't blame him for their job but I blame him for his unethical acts. Even it's not easy to send a parcel of mine that might be not worthy to anyone, when it came from paid services you expect something good in return and worth as much as you pay even it might be considered very 'cheap'. Again, you just need to appear at the front door to send the parcel or the missed card if nobody at home.

Enough for now, I hope he learnt his lesson, and the manager to good luck in your career in future.

If you ever wondered, where is the parcel now right? Yeah already picked it up before new year eve, last year.

A good entry on the new year huh?

p.s Lie is not a good to start in the first place. Just admit your own fault before adding some other lies, that will make your self to lose such a respect and credibility.

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