Saturday, January 23, 2016

New in town?!

Assalamualaikum dan hai all,..

Somehow in the past few days, everyone is updating their instagram photos with this new pastry cafe in KL. OK. it's in KL..

Before I wonder what's is about and you'll the same too, i'll put the picture ok?

It's a cronut. I am not sure if it already here in Malaysia before it gets famous nowadays. I've been stuck here in the island of nowhere. Just a quick question mark on my head, right now. Is it good? Just good or it is really really good? or just so-so?

Maybe some of you already know about this cafe, called Dolly's. Sounds like everything synonyms with Dolly's taste sweet and bubbly right? haha. err Dolly dim sum? hehe..

So, I'll be dreaming about it tonight, and not really having the courage to make it as, it's still same as doing a croissant, at least, three days of prepping. Haha

Nevertheless, people still mad about it when it's new cafe right? Did everything sell out within hours perhaps minutes?

Let's dream~

Sampai tersasul.. it's Dotty la weii.. hiihi.. ok Dotty's!


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