Monday, December 21, 2015

err.. what's left behind??

Assalamualaikum dan hai..

What's left behind?

my footsteps on the road, the night market, the foodstall and nasi kandar restaurant too!

yippie yeay! Alhamdulillah, sorry that I seriously has forgotten this beloved blog! hehe.. Well, I'll be missing my all nieces and nephews, three weeks with them are full of sweet memories and laughter.

This school holiday, their parent had decided to 'khatan' them all of three boys at a time. Then, such uproar at home, where they were screaming like hell, just like been dera. Padahal that time, baru nak ajak pergi mandi je tau! haihh.. such a dramatic king!T___T

So their beloved aunty ni just watch them with laughing, sometimes I felt sympathy towards them, but nayy when they were ordering macam2 pulakk.. haihh.. nak kena ni.. just like,

cik,.. tolong garu kaki adik please,..

Cik tolong amikkan remote astro!

Cik nak minum,..

Cik tali ni nak jatuh! kain ni kena no**t abg!!! arghhh..

and the list goes on.. haha,.. I don't know they are such poser like a boss ordering whatever they want, they had BIG backup, tokwan! (my father in law) Memang mengada sangat bebudak ni tau, whatever they can't get from their moms, tok or me, they will ask tokwan for it,..


we just couldn't get enough sleep on the first three nights, some had itchy at their XX area, some had want to pee, some had a bad dream at night, too loud and noisy too.. What can I do is, continue my sleep like no one can bother.

Alhamdulillah, progress now is okay, dah sihat semuanya.. dah pakai seluar dalam!! haha..

The time will turn back again on next year end school holidays, insyaAllah..

I miss nasi kandar, and char kuey teow!

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