Thursday, November 19, 2015

Rambling night

Assalamualaikum dan hai,

I accidentally slept in the evening, when the rain poured like cat and dog fighting over nothing. LOL. The result, I am blogging at the middle of the night.

Still browsing the net if ever I will find my lucky star! ecehh.. Saja mencuba di kala waktu malam, sebab tak boleh nak lelap mata. Harap esok subuh tak liatlah hendakNya, amin..

Bila tangan ni saja gatal nak survey itu ini, sajalah type keria. Tak sangka pulak ada haha.. tapi jangan tak tu jual lighting appliances or macam perkakas rumah yang macam pipe, lampu, jenis2 barang fitting la.. but in french okay.


Still I don't know what is keria in french yet.

mr google is sleeping right now, showing nothing to translate. hehe.

Ok lah, still want to consider a project name,..

Thinking one of those, but still,.. i don't know..

The beaute project

Beaute de keria

Keria's addict ------> hahahah.. yang ini memang syok sendiri..

other note


why they banned cannabis? or why they don't build R&D about it for persons who had cancer. Just make it illegal for medicine instead we promotes drugs from chemicals that not really have benefits in future.

i know, thank you. Money stuff, you will not get any shares of 2.6B


bonne nuit

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  1. Kalau dah terlelap evening jadi owl malamnya hoot hoot hoot.


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