Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Garden in the air

Just like Babylon's garden one of the seven wonders!

Assalamualaikum dan hi!

Nothing much to be updating seems most of my greens cannot survive or literally survive. I'd just don't know what is the problem, and where to counter it.

My bird's chilli tree only blooming but didn't turn into chillies, my bell pepper tree growing but in the end it happens to dry out and leaves turn into yellow. Curry leaves tree also got infected, I'm not pretty sure what's happening right now.

The young lemon tree, showing some good progress in growing big and stronger. Lemongrass, mint leaves, avocados tree and others that mentioned here before was dead. Might be our verandah is too hot with fan forced A/C blowers. T___T

Then, it's just came the reason why I want to move in new place. I feel pity to them, even we showered them with enough water still can't survive. Furthermore, there are a baby mice in our apartment, always keep digging the soil. Pity. Seems it gets so excited seeing a soil that can play with.

Again, do you have any recommendation here in Labuan?


  1. labuan pon mmg sah2 panas kn. klo nk tnm pkok kat sni rs nya better atas tanah trus baru idop segar kot. klo dlm pasu manjang mati nye.

    1. Memang Manjang aje xjadi.. Kesian pun ad.. Xckup kasih sayang agaknya.. Hihi

  2. Kena jauhkan sket kut dari air fan tempat keluar tu from potted plants. Atau letak more water plants dekat dengan air fan to make it cooler a bit surrounding dia. Sebab air pun boleh absorb banyak heat kan. So other plants juga benefit from that. Musim jerebu memang hard to fruit, blooming but susah nak melekat buahnya.

  3. ssyang nya banyak yg mati pokok eyra mungkin sbb kering dan jerebu yg lepas tu kot..


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