Saturday, October 24, 2015


Assalamualaikum dan hai all!

This is rare again when I decided to post tonight.

But an idea to write up has been around me this week.

Alhamdulillah, a very good news to hear, my brother will expecting new member soon.

for myself, I don't find it struggling whatever I do, just enjoyed every paths.

I am not sure either I would post it or not, but I just have this platform to share about my TTC journey so far.

My history kind of unique, alhamdulillah where nothing serious hidden in my body so far insyaAllah. I've been seeing doc about 2-3 years ago for further infertility check up. Up to my concern right now is to have normal menstruation which means it comes by itself naturally.

In addition to my history, I have tried few commercial products about fertility, not all, but very less, not more 5 products up till now. My body dislike commercial products, where I found my body will naturally response with raw herbs or only herbs or some kind Au naturale products.

Up till now, for my supplements, I took raw honey from my hometown in Batu Pahat together with royal jelly that I take once a week (this is so powerful, not full spoon, just half dip in the royal jelly), fish oil, garlic oil, and the controversial herb, agnus castus or vitex.

I believe in natural things, even some supplements from natural no drugs but still it produce for commercial, so nay nay. Up till now, almost 6 months or over I consume vitex, where my first bottle only 400mg with high potency, but it last for 2-3 weeks. Later, I bought it direct from outside to consume my self with once a day for 1000mg.

Noted to myself, my body will love and always love something no drugs, which is vitex is a kind of herbs that promotes progesterone and balancing woman's hormone. Almost kind of like that. You may google. The results where my moon came naturally was about last two weeks, something that I don't expect it at all. It really took me on the fifth bottles of vitex include the first bottle from local seller, which means average days of 240 or less. Alhamdulillah my body finally reacted itself with no drugs, less unidentified herbs like local ones.

I would post my daily OPK (ovulation P? test kit.. hihi) here, but nayy..  Up to my cycle days today, the test line showing some more clear faint lines as, this is something make me happy, hope soon will show strong dark line insyaAllah, please pray for me!

This is new for me, something that I determine to do OPK on each punctual times, follow strict rules as for stand a peeeee! and else too.. hahah..

Alhamdulillah.. praise to Allah, with His Merciful. I am happy to seeing this now. just no words to decribe how to keep myself optimism in everything I do or try.

ok., will resume soon..


Good luck to you too!

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