Saturday, October 31, 2015

A night with no candle

Assalamualaikum everyone, :P

Alhamdulillah, just another that we had this opportunity to breath in fresh air that we couldn't buy.

It came straight away in my head right now, it's a just conversation between my husband and I. A moment make me wonder, I am good enough. Haha.

On our anniversary dinner that night, we just went to Pizza Hut for a dinner. Yes, we had fast food on our night as we plan to go to Nasi Kerabu or having burger bakar, but that night was heavy rain and quite windy. We decided to have pizza, just nearby to our home.

We ordered a 9 inches of stuffed crust pizza, beef topping and some coffee float and coffee drinks. Wow, to my surprise with all mentioned we ordered are not worth. It cost us about more that RM50 okay. Sigh. Nothing too fussy about, cause we already decided to have dinner out.

Me: I think I have developed and improved my cooking skills, isn't it?

Hubs: Yes, better that having dinner outside.

Me: I'd just realize our meal at home is really expensive and so good.

Hubs: Yes, I already know that I love having dinner at home rather than going out.

Me: But sometimes I want to go eating out.

Hubs: Yes you can, once a year I'll take you out.

Me : T___T

haha, that's really my husband. Sometimes I will be nagging to eat a fancy good restaurant or anything that I can get rest from cooking. :P But no, I'll regret to go eating out cause I can do it better. Homemade food is the best!

We want to eat healthy food, we want to consume a good homemade food intake. For the biggest reason, we want to stay healthy, what we do now is invest in our future old body, in the other words we preparing to be good in health with eliminating the course.

That is something all of you need to try, our food is not a problem. But, the way you prepare them and your readiness to eat raw. Yes, I don't have any artificial flavors like ajinomoto, secukup rasa, and anything you can name it on store's shelves nowaday. If I had one of those, that might be a tom yum paste, chili sauce or tomato sauce and last but now least, a soy sauce!

Do train your taste buds, I hate to see people we love are dying or sick because of food. Diabetes, hypertension or related in any heart diseases, a fact of the real killer among Malaysians.

Choices are yours now, prevent now to stay healthy in future.

haha, really can make an advertorial taglines right?

I am not so good, but I admit that sometimes I am a fussy eater and a fussy cook too. With that kind of behaviour at least you had developed and improved some skills. When you learn to eat raw, just pepper and salt to taste, you will be appreciating food some more itself.
From the sweets of fresh seafood to the some fresh meat or not, you will know. There's not a problem if you don't put any artificial as it just food to fill your tummy to live. Not living to eat.

Oh I really miss good food now!

In the picture above: Salmon fish head's soup, dinner for two. Cost? not more than RM10.

Again, I repeat;

Choices are yours now, prevent now to stay healthy in future.

Good luck!


  1. betul2. kadang bila mkn kat umah ni lg mesra. tapi klu sekali sekala its ok. procatice makes perfecr.

    good luck

    1. Ada msa ada je makan kt luar mmg bole kira dgn jari dlm setahun.. hihi

      tq nani!


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