Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Free software just like Ai!

Assalamualaikum dan hai,


memang lama sungguh tak berupdate. Tuannya available blogwalking saja. Blog on the go will do it soon if I think it worth. Just getting so excited to countdown next trip and this will be the first time ever going outbound Labuan.

Next after next trip will be going home for Raya Haji. Ahhh.. I miss them a lot! this time again will be Penang!( I just don't know why air tix to KL from here is soooo expensive!)

oowwhh ya, I want to share some alternative when you want everything in illustration, everything like you want to do in Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop but you cannot afford it.

I just accidentally found and use. At first, for beginner like me was find it very hard to use as I don't know a thing about the language use. Yes, you know what you want but how to make it a moves for a text? a graphic? haha.. so not like me at all.

So my first outcome was a logo brand for friend's business. Not quite a logo but a remark brand. hihi. See, I told you which one is right still I don't know.

Okay, the software named Inkscape. The latest version is 0.91 and not quite sure when they are launching new updates for the software. How to use and tutorials, you may find it on Google mostly but I love to refer Youtube as you know how it will turns to straight away.

After a few try, taaddaaa.. a new header, still a NOOB playing with this kind of software will go no where! haha. But of course it worths to download it and try to use as you still get it free and whenever you want to use it, it still does unlike Adobe is limited time and have to subscribe monthly basis.

Have fun with new toy!

Good Luck!

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