Monday, August 31, 2015

Merdeka Night at 58!

Assalamulaikum dan hai!

S E L A M A T H A R I M E R D E K A M A L A Y S I A!

what  I want to say here is important, we lose faith, when we're in love with our Mothers, because of her son (so-called a Patriot), her other children hurts, feel betrayed for ages, our dignity been sacked little by days. What makes the Patriot himself acclaimed that he is so powerful? and can't be questioning at all?

There is Bersih 4.0, I agreed. A changed for people, A nightmare for some bunches.

30th Aug here in my current place, there are lots of preparation to countdown event. Bike Roadshow in Borneo was held here. Few of entrepreneurs event by government or private had interesting booths to visit. A Duathlon was held it here too.

So many events then. but,..

the night of 31st Aug was like a doomed, I think a showcase event and countdown was canceled as stormy rains all night long for few hours.

Du'a sometimes will be so powerful now, as  dunia akhir zaman which is now. My husband du'as just wish there is stormy and heavy rains which came true that night. amin. As last time, recorded by few months back there newborn babies has been thrown away either alive or death. Death in such cruel and heartless way. This is something that I hate to see and hear.

What makes Independence day so special to you by today?

My answer, I don't know. cause, I don't believe any of political's soap dramas, their thought of someone who they admire most with full agendas, you-know-who-are-they ( M colony). and blaa blaa so many things..

Malaysian it is by its people. 

What means Independence to me, still waiting that we're not conquered by human's law. If it still, means corruptions and the list goes on are still there ad never end at all. Hudud is what I want, and what confirms us in Jannah.

Not a quite a post for some of you. If you're living with no desire of greedy. Our world can remain in peace form. Greed is a key of oppression, corruptions and limitless of stupidity.

P.s I just remember Merdeka to my mom's birth year..

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